Sunday, May 4, 2008

Earthship Fantasy

One of the things I love most about earthships is that they represent a return to the elementals, to living at the root of things. I love that they are formed out of dirt and rubbish and cement into a living sculpture. I love that they are a world of their own, providing power, water, and food to the people who shelter within. I love that they are a return to self-sufficiency, if not completely, then at least much more closely than most of us will ever get.

We go to the grocery store and load our carts with plants and animals we have never seen alive and growing. We go to malls and buy clothes we have not sewn, metals we have not dug, electronics that might be magic for all we know of how they work. In an earthship, one knows where the water comes from and where it goes. One feels the sun's power as it streams through windows to be collected in the thermal mass the walls provide. One showers in rain water and picks bananas through a kitchen window. One is connected to mother earth and to one's own life in ways we have almost forgotten. I love earthships! and hope to live in one someday.

This is the floorplan for my dream earthship, based on a model currently being built in New Mexico. My version incorporates back-up systems for heat, cooking, and refrigeration, in addition to a means of pumping water manually should the need for alternatives arise. It is a 'convertible' model that could accommodate additional family members if so desired. It's my plan B. I always feel more secure when I have a plan B.

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