Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hell Bent

I spent the wee hours of the morning slogging through the backlog on my email account. Most of it was messages from various organizations bringing my attention to yet another ill wind -- herds of bison on the verge of slaughter simply because they are bison -- packs of wolves in danger of extermination simply because they are wolves -- millions of acres of old growth forest being slated for clear cut. Isn't our inadvertent damage bad enough? Do we have to deliberately, with malice aforethought, annihilate everything that is wild, everything that is beautiful and free?

While I was fretting, exasperated with the powers that be and their seemingly insatiable need to rape, plunder and exterminate, another day dawned. A dazzling, wonderful, day -- wild in its own way, and free. I walked out to my neighbor's dock. I was in my pajamas and it was cold. The air smelled of salt and fish. A lone seagull flew silently overhead. And the sun came up as it always does. My camera couldn't capture the beauty, but I made an attempt all the same.

We have been given such an incredibly magnificent world on which to spend our lives. Why are we so hell bent on its destruction??

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