Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This and That

Just a few this's and that's that deserve to be passed along:
With a stockpile of salvaged, old growth redwood fencing, he [Jay Nelson] recently built a tiny studio for his friend, and neighbor, Lana to use as a home office. It's just under 100 square feet and that means it's small enough so that San Francisco doesn't require a permit.

This via Hank Wesselman
Introduction to Sacred Numbers & Creation by Hawaiian Kupuna Hale Makua. Filmed in June 1998. Produced by the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network.

Just for fun, the Swedish chef of Sesame Street fame makes popcorn.

And last but definitely not least, There's No Tomorrow -- a comprehensive overview of the challenges we face presented in a thirty minute animation. I DO wish they had come up with a different title and I DO wish they had spent more time on what the future may look like . . . and presented it in a more positive light. I'm optimistic about our future. I don't believe we are going to be sentenced to lives of hard labor -- I believe that as we reconnect with nature and community, that as we find ways to live sustainably, and that as we transition from the virtual lives most of us now live to lives of engagement, we will find that we are happier and more alive than we have been for generations. I believe we will awaken as if from a hypnotic state and find that life is good.

That's not to say that the transition won't be rough . . .

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darius said...

Loved the Hawaiian video. Interestingly enough, just yesterday I was reading about base-12 in scared geometry.