Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More Garbage

I really don't care that Ann Romney's horse is in the Olympics. I'm not even interested in whether or not Mitt Romney continued to work at Bain Capital, shipping jobs overseas, after he said that he had left. And if I never see his tax returns, that's okay with me. As for Obama's remark "You didn't build that," it was awkwardly put, but so what? And much as we would like a scape goat, the slow job growth really isn't his fault.

What I care about are the issues no one ever mentions -- climate change and the way it is already affecting our weather, the dire consequences of continuing to burn fossil fuels, the horrific environmental impacts of fracking for gas, mountain scalping, and the wringing of black sludge from tar sands -- irreversible impacts not only to the land itself, but to our waters, turning one of our most valuable resources into toxic cesspools. I care about our dying oceans, our melting glaciers, and the growing hole in the ozone layer. I care about corporations gone amuck -- buying our elections, writing our laws, shutting down competition, controlling our food sources and engineering food itself. I care about the erosion of civil rights -- the violations of our freedom to assemble peaceably, to speak freely, to bargain collectively, and to vote democratically. I care about the legacy of our generation and I care that no one, NO ONE, is talking about these things on a national stage.

When are we going to get real?

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