Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Love the Internet!!

Lots of good stuff on the internet these days. Here are some of my favorite visuals:

Coal is not the answer -- a short video that explains why 'clean coal' is a myth we need to bust. Or go to for a series of videos on endangered mountains and more reasons why coal is not the answer.

THROBGOBLINS INTERNATIONAL : CANTANKEROUS FRANK is a great comic dedicated to the follies of the status quo.

Short, pithy videos on all the hot topics (check out Palin on her bearskin!) at Zaproot. Their newest video spoofs a plan to bottle glacier melt from Greenland and sell it for big bucks.

By the way, according to Joe Romm the Greenland ice sheet is now melting at a rate of 267 ± 38 Gt/yr of water as of 2007. "How much is 267 billion metric tons of water? It’s enough to supply the city of Los Angeles with fresh water for more than 50 years."

The Way Things Break featured a Herman Daly video spot explaining why it is insanity to speak of 'growing the economy.' And on the lighter side, some videos of dolphins playing with bubbles.

Lots of buzz about the Frontline special, Heat. I recorded it but haven't had the time to watch it yet. Two hours. Not a shorty.

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund exposes Sarah Palin's indifference to wildlife in ads here and here (Not for the faint at heart!)

And to end on a fun note, one of my all-time favorite book series is coming to your living rooms on November 1 or 2. Check out The Legend of the Seeker (aka Wizard's First Rule or The Sword of Truth).

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