Friday, January 23, 2009

Inauguration Day

Tuesday at 12:00 noon EST, the world changed. The polar shift was completed. As fate would have it, the moment was marked, not with an oath of office, but with soaring strains of music.

The critical mass was reached last November, evidenced by the majority vote. And now it is done and needs only be played out. Not that we won’t each have our role to play -- Obama made that evident in his inaugural speech. The polar shift was not accomplished by one man but by us all. And together we go forward.

If I were to write a description of the perfect person to be elected President, it would look exactly like Obama. Even the color of his skin and his family story are perfect. Such a man does not come our way by accident. He will go down in history among the greats. Even if we fail in this grand experiment, and I no longer think we will, he will be listed with Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandella, Mahatma Ghandi, and the like. I know this not from what he will do but from who he is. Of course, he will be forced to make compromises. He will have to prioritize. He will make mistakes. But who he is as a man will not change. Even if the unthinkable occurs and he is brought down by an assassin, the moment has been done and cannot be undone. In death, he would be even larger than in life. The poles have shifted and they will not shift back.

Love live President Obama!!

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