Friday, February 6, 2009


I have an elephant that follows me everywhere. He's invisible to just about everyone I know, so I try not to refer to him too often -- no point in giving people even more reason to believe I'm a bit screwy. But he is hard to ignore! Some days we tolerate one another rather well, but lately he seems to be getting more insistent -- he likes pushing me around, making me jump through hoops. There are days when he looks so terrifying that he scares the bejeebers out of me; there are nights when he sits on my chest and makes it hard to sleep, and there are mornings when he boots me out of bed at o-dark-thirty. But the hardest thing is that he's always there, the elephant in the room, and to preserve any claim on normalcy, I have to pretend otherwise.

At least he's not pink!



Physicists have been searching for the elusive "dark matter" that makes up most of the universe. The answer is now so obvious -the missing matter of the universe is comprised of herds of invisible elephants in every room of every life in every corner of the world. I have several of my own. I know them by their footprints.

gaiasdaughter said...

Marc, I'm a huge fan of yours!! Thanks for stopping by. I hope your elephants are better behaved than mine.