Thursday, May 10, 2012

Facebook Can be Hazardous to Your Health

I admit to being a Facebook junkie. The first thing I do each morning is make myself a cup of tea and log onto Facebook. I never know what I will find there -- if I'm lucky, it will be photos and videos of my two beautiful grandchildren, or news from an old friend. Most days, however, it is a collection of fascinating snapshots of our world -- literally, as in photos of the beauty around us -- or metaphorically, as in news, both hopeful and dire. There are stories of the devastation of Canada's boreal forests, or of man's cruelty to animals, or of the relentless exploitation of indigenous tribes that leave me horrified and heartsick. There are stories of great compassion, love, and change that leave me uplifted and hopeful. Two stories claimed me today -- and they are related.

The first was the outcome of the vote in North Carolina this week. Sixty-one percent of the voters in that state voted to amend their constitution to define legally recognized unions in the strictest of terms. NCmountainwoman had this to say on her blog:

As you might imagine, the opinion pages of the newspapers have been filled with comments. It is of interest that every single pro-amendment letter included the words "God" or "The Bible." Honest...I looked at each one. Every single pro-amendment television ad also included those words and many quoted scriptures. It's always useful to find a good sound bite and "Protect the Sanctity of Marriage" was a winner. . . .

My criticism is that religion should not have been the driving force in this vote. And it was. Our own church included "Vote Yes" literature in every Sunday Bulletin for the past two months. Most of the full-page advertisements supporting the amendment were paid for by religious groups.
Our next stop is a 'sermon' by Jesse Lee Peterson, a Tea Party activist and frequent guest on Fox News . . .

I leave it to you to connect the dots . . .

Based on my current blood pressure, it appears that my addiction to Facebook is beginning to impact my health, and not in a good way.

(On a side note . . . who in H*** does Rev. Peterson think these 'whores' and 'sluts' are having sex WITH? Obviously not with other women, or they would have no need of birth control. Okay, blood pressure just went up another point or two!)

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