Monday, May 14, 2012

Morning Has Broken

Up until now, this blog has been mostly a soapbox -- someplace I could go rant into the Universe and on some level, be heard. But I am feeling the need, of late, to connect to this time and this place and to give thanks for the beauty that surrounds me.

Most mornings, I go out in my pj's and bare feet in the early morning light, and I sing to the world. I sing to the tiny, darting fish in our tea-colored canal, to the solid presence of the old oaks and to the stateliness of the young palms, to the purple martins, and mockingbirds, and blackbirds that flit and soar and fill the day with music, to the rising sun, to the fading moon, to the air that sustains us, to the water that surrounds us, to the color and beauty of the flowers that somehow manage to grow in our sterile white sand, and to all the creatures that share in the life of our planet. I sing in a quiet, croaky voice because I am no singer! But it doesn't matter what I sound like, what matters is the peace and joy that I find in the act of giving thanks and in the greetings that I offer to the day.

Today, I took my camera with me. It is a brand, spanking new camera with more knobs and menus and settings than I will ever understand, much less use. But it takes great pictures even when set to 'ignoramus.' These few images, these small fractions of the greater glory, are what I wish to share today. This is for You, Mother Gaia -- and to You, I send my love in deep gratitude for Your awesome and inspiring beauty.


Kate said...

Your hibiscus looks so alive! Don't you love it that we can just push a button and share the beautiful things we see?

gaias daughter said...

Thanks, Kate -- and yes, modern technology continues to amaze me -- all the way from the camera that does so much all on its own to the internet and ease with which we may share our thoughts and our lives. These are such interesting times in which to live!