Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Doom and Gloom. Can't help it.

If you really want the bejeebers scared out of you, take a look at the video:

and then look at the poll stats:

Wow! And here all I've been worrying about is that McCain would lead us into a climate catastrophe. I don't get it. Democrats have allowed the Republicans to define them for years and years. Democrats are for tax and spend. Soft on defense. Soft on terrorism. Soft on family values. Republicans tell us so over and over. Elect a Democrat and you will have empty pockets; Iraqi terrorists will be abducting your children on their way to soccer practice. Any idiot can compare the Clinton years to those of Bush. During which administration did the American people enjoy the higher degree of peace and prosperity? If the Democratic party does not dispel the myths, we are all doomed. Literally.

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