Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Light We Share

Today, I am thankful for all the women who have shared their light with me, who have inspired me with the beauty of their lives, and who have taught me to open my own heart just a bit wider. I am thankful for the time we spent together, for the memories that linger even when they leave us, and for having had the great privilege of calling them friend.


darius said...

You make me feel ashamed that I do not vocalize those same thoughts enough, either to them, or for all the world to see.

The Universe knows the Light they have shared with me, but I wonder if they know, since I don't speak it enough?

gaias daughter said...

Darius, I lost two good friends this year -- one who had more sparkle at age 90 than most of us ever have, and the other who had the warmest, most generous heart I have ever known. The latter had hundreds of friends all over the world and yet managed to send me a birthday card while she was dying of cancer. Two hundred and fifty people showed up for her memorial service . . . she will be missed by so many! And yes, I wish I had told her what a shining star she was to all of us while she was still here!