Friday, January 20, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are

My dearly beloved sister has begun using her Facebook page to give thanks on a daily basis. I like the idea so much that I'm following her lead, even if I don't manage to do it every day.

Today, I am thankful for the wild and untamed things of this earth -- for the wolves and the bears, for the owls and the mice upon which they prey, for the winds that come in the night and whistle around the corners of the house, for the indomitable weeds that push up through cracks in the asphalt.

I am thankful for the wild women of this world, for their quiet courage and unyielding strength, for their raucous laughter, and for the mischievous glint that sparks their eyes. I am thankful for the beat of their drums and the wisdom of their lives. I am thankful for dance and firelight and dark corners in which to hide.

I am thankful for the wild dreams of the night -- dreams in which flight is a joyous possibility, in which the dead are never gone, and in which, however far we may roam, we find in waking that we have never left home.

I am thankful for the wild possibilities of life, for the adventure that each day brings, for the uncertainties that keep us from growing complacent, and for the edges that we walk.

May we open our hearts to the wild, and may we never be fully tame!


darius said...

Wow, what a mantra!


gaias daughter said...

Thanks, Darius! I'm probably one of the world's tamest women and I'm trying to rediscover my wild heart. Rima, over at The Hermitage ( inspires me with her ability to connect to those wild places that are our birthright.