Monday, March 12, 2012


I found an interesting article today -- somewhat of a duet between Guy McPherson and Sherry Ackerman.

I don't agree with everything they say; to my mind, they state the current situation in overly harsh, critical terms. I don't think we are a bunch of robots; I think most of us are well-meaning, loving individuals who are being distracted by the smoke and mirrors of 'civilized' life. Even the blindest, most distracted among us generally have someone they love, and that love may very well be contributing to the evolution of mankind as essentially as the words of McPherson and Ackerman. Maybe the reason there are so many of us in the world right now is that in order to raise our collective vibration to the next level, it takes this many hearts loving their children, this many hearts loving their pets, this many hearts loving even their favorite sports teams, to reach the critical tipping point.

I also think their assessment of our education system is too one-sided -- I think we do a better job of teaching kids to be articulate and thinking than they give us credit for. Having taught for many years myself, I know that most teachers out there are doing their level best to educate the whole child; we don't always succeed, but we try.

Those critiques aside, this dialogue promises the possibility of a much brighter, more authentic future and is, overall, quite heartening and well-worth the reading time.

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