Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Toast to the Authentic Self

In the article linked in yesterday's post, Guy McPherson and Sherry Ackerman talk about authenticity -- about living the truth of one's being. Today, Rima Staines posted an elegant tribute to an exceptional man. As I read Rima's loving words, it struck me, "This is what an authentic man looks like! This is the potential we all share" -- not that we will all live on the edge of elfdom, weaving lives from the elements of nature and strands of fantasy, but that we each have a brilliant core that is unique, and loving, and endlessly creative. Rima's words elicited the image of an entire planet inhabited by people who feed their inner fires, who live from the core of their beings, and who honor and love the web of life. That is the promise of authenticity.

Thank you, Rima, for sharing this amazing person with us all. And thank you, Thomas, for giving us a glimpse of our human potential. Once the encrustations that dim our lights are chipped away, the core star, the authentic self, may shine forth with a power as yet unrealized. Here's to you both . . . and to us all!


darius said...

How interesting... I was going to end you the link to Rima's wonderful tribute in case you hadn't seen it.

gaias daughter said...

We do seem to gravitate to the same things :-)