Thursday, March 15, 2012

Take That, JH Kunstler

I really ought to be more grateful to James Howard Kunstler. It was, after all, his book, The Long Emergency, that introduced me to the concept of Peak Oil. What's more, he is a master wordsmith who can paint more color into a single sentence than anyone else I know. I was a big fan . . . and still am to some extent . . . until I read World Made by Hand and came to the conclusion that he doesn't seem to think much of women. His female characters are either weak and dependent women who are only good for home cooking and sex or else sex sirens who lure men into compromised positions (yes, he does seem to be obsessed with women as sex objects. . . ) The other problem I have with JHK is his virulent antipathy to suburbs and the people who live there. I think he is wrong there, and have stated so before. Now I have proof of what is possible . . .

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